Sophie Thomas
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The Life & Wellbeing Coach
for Women who Desire More.

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A Retreat for Your Whole Self

Just like the body; our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and approaches to life also require detox, toning and nourishment.

Via phone coaching; I prime women across the world for optimum wellbeing, fulfillment and success.

Let’s get you glowing radiantly from the inside, and ready for the best chapter of your life.

Sophie is vitamin C for the ears. She puts a big smile on my face


An Invaluable Hour that Enhances the Beauty of Your Inner World & External Life

It takes just an hour a week, via personalised coaching phone calls, to cultivate the clarity, alignment and confidence that leads to ultimate contentment across any and all areas of your life.

Yes, it’s that effective.

I grew more in a handful of sessions with Sophie as my Life Coach than I would’ve done in several decades on my own

Powerful Results From Day 1

We’ll celebrate and find peace with where and who you are now, so that you can find your flow and fully enjoy your important life journey.

We’ll also close the gap between where you are and where you really desire to be.

You are worthy, valuable and deserving of receiving the best life has to offer.
Get ready to have it all.


definition: the condition of existence characterised by health, happiness & prosperity.

synonyms: comfort, enjoyment, bliss, delight, richness, growth, advantage.