Would you like to greet life with total confidence?
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Welcome. I’m Sophie Thomas - the confidence coach for women. I can help you…

  • Overcome challenges and self-doubt

  • Gain solid self-worth and confidence

  • Get out of a rut and into a fresh, positive space

  • Better handle life as a sensitive person

  • Swap procrastination with inspiration & motivation

  • Set healthy boundaries and stop people pleasing

  • Be authentic and magnetic to others

  • Feel worthy and deserving of a fulfilling life - no more playing small

  • Style a life that aligns with your dreams and values

  • Move from limited to limitless - achieve anything you desire

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Sophie is a natural guide. Knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding
— Kate S

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You’re in safe hands

For the last 20 years I have been - and continue to be - dedicated to learning, embodying and sharing self-development and wellbeing excellence.

  • Accomplished public speaker, workshop facilitator and award winning author on self-worth

  • TEDx speaker (on Humanity’s Capacity for Greatness)

  • Created over 20 meditation tracks, enjoyed by over 10,000 people

  • Led many women to break through challenges, achieve their desires, and feel confident and fulfilled

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How confidence coaching works…

  • Coaching is via telephone call - I can help you no matter where you are

  • Phone coaching is easy to fit into your busy lifestyle

  • Feel fully heard, understood and supported

  • One-to-one and personalised to your unique needs

  • Uncover what’s holding you back, and find a new perspective and approach to life. As an effective coach; I’ll both cheer you on and challenge you to grow

  • Receive uplifting support from me between sessions. I’m here to walk this part of your journey with you

  • Confidential, empathic and effective. 100% success rate

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Sophie is vitamin C for the ears. She puts a big smile on my face
— Mark M

Receive a 30 minute complimentary taster session

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Enhance the beauty of your inner world & external life

Just like the body; our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and approaches to life also require detox, toning and nourishment.

Via phone coaching; I prime women across the world for optimum wellbeing, fulfillment and success.

We’ll optimise your inner and external worlds for fulfillment in both. Let’s get you glowing radiantly from the inside, and ready for the best chapter of your life.


Powerful results from day 1

We’ll celebrate and find peace with where and who you are now, so that you can find your flow and fully enjoy your important life journey.

We’ll also close the gap between where you are and where you really desire to be.

I know that you’re worthy, valuable and deserving of receiving the best life has to offer. Let’s make you sure too.

Receive a 30 minute complimentary taster session

Name *