We start with a complimentary session (30 minutes via phone). This gives you an experience of what life coaching with me can do. It’s not a sales call (if you’d like to know about me please visit this page).

If we feel we’re the right fit after the complimentary session you’ll receive a proposal, and once payment is made, we carry on the journey of a lifetime!

There’s no rigid programme because you’re beautifully unique. You’ll be led on the journey that’s exactly right for you. I don’t tell you how to live your life but guide you to your own truth through questions that reframe, refocus and realign. You’ll also receive personalised insights, tools and homework (‘finishing touches’) to give an extra boost to your new positive momentum. Plus I immerse you in genuine enthusiasm and support as your biggest cheerleader - both in the sessions and between them.

I offer a safe space for you to say what you need to say. Sometimes you don’t know what’s holding you back and need someone to find it with you. I am that someone.

We’ll discover what would make you truly happy and the best route for you to get there.

You’ll receive my full attention and presence - the sort of attention and presence that we all long for in life. I will do everything in my power to serve you. We’ll go deeper than you’ve probably ever gone before. This is done with compassion and warmth. I do this work because I genuinely care. Ultimately I work to get you results.

Transformation tends to be an extremely enjoyable process. Some of the feelings you may experience include incredible relief, peace, liberation and excitement.

This is an investment in yourself and your life. No new pair of shoes or kitchen worktop can come close to the levels of fulfillment that having the right Life Coach can give you!

Logistically, we work via phone call.

My rate is £220 per week which includes email access to me and encouragement and support from me between sessions as well as ‘finishing touches’. I do a minimum of three sessions.

“Yes, it’s an investment but it really is the best use of money because quality of life, happiness and the achievement of dreams really are priceless. When you work with Sophie as your Life Coach, you’re buying yourself an exponentially better life in every way”