The focus is 100% on you when we work together so this is the place for you to get to know me…

For the last 20 years I have been - and continue to be - dedicated to learning, embodying and sharing self-development and wellbeing excellence. This has led me to become a person who is extremely knowledgeable, positive, healthy and astonishingly resilient. My self-worth is my most valuable asset because that’s the key that unlocks every aspect of life. My life is aligned with my dreams and desires and I’ve conditioned my thoughts and behaviour so that I live in a mode of appreciation, wonder and delight. My focus is on cultivating greater faith (in life), radiance and love. And they are already sky high.

But it hasn’t always been this way. I experienced incredible challenges in my adolescence, and a variety of demanding and traumatic circumstances into adulthood that left me anxious and doubting my worth. But I knew that I got to choose how my life turned out. So I did.

I live and breathe personal development - I’m fit, healthy, I meditate, I practice self-care, I work on my beliefs and outlook constantly, I am always conscious of what I desire and put everything into moving towards that (whilst celebrating the now), I constantly invest in more knowledge to progress myself and so I can serve others to the highest standard, and I cultivate love for self and others as deeply and profoundly as possible.

I do what I love and excel at. In every way; I was born to be a Life Coach - to bring an extra source of light and knowledge to women so that they can shine even brighter. As women, we often need support and a reminder of our true value and potential. I am that support and reminder. I see the world differently to most and I’ll lend you my lens while you change your perception of yourself and life to one that benefits you far greater than you may have ever experienced before. When we come alive and shine, we feel good about ourselves and make more positive impact in the world - it’s this that drives me to be a Life and Wellbeing Coach, along with the desire to be of valuable service to those desiring to make the most of their lives.

I work with women because I am a woman (and a mother) and therefore deeply understand our challenges and opportunities. I have also studied the feminine in-depth and from a variety of angles.

I know exactly how to start each day on the best foot, continue the positive momentum throughout, and to end the day feeling clear, worthy and satisfied. The difference this makes to life is ineffable. I’d love for you to experience this level of freedom and fulfillment too.

Work Achievements

  • Accomplished public speaker and workshop facilitator

  • Award-winning published author

  • TEDx speaker (on Humanity’s Capacity for Greatness)

  • Led some of the world’s top professionals to break through challenges and achieve and exceed their desired success and make positive changes in the world

  • Written and created over 20 meditation tracks which have been enjoyed by over 10,000 people

  • Been a podcast host and interviewee

  • Had multiple articles published in international publications

  • Am a respected expert on emotional connection, femininity and self-worth

  • Worked on projects for global and FTSE100 companies addressing issues such as loneliness and belonging, purpose, personal accountability, self-worth, the importance of play for adults, kindness, fulfilment, healthy living and social-economic issues

  • Have travelled and worked all over the world

  • And most importantly, get to feel the absolute thrill of leading women’s transformation - and witness their excitement and joy as they do so!